Hints to Planting an Edible Garden by Guerilla Gardeners

1. Put up a fence so kids don't clip your plants profits. 2. Make and use compost from your garden to nourish the soil. 3. Ensure the soil drains or water exits. You don't want your roots sitting in standing water. 4. For smaller carrots and potatoes, just plant the seeds closer. Soil density helps... Continue Reading →


Guerilla Gardeners Have a Visitor

    Meet Pooblius. The other morning I heard a strange screeching sound emitting from the garden and decided after numerous repeats to go investigate. What I thought was a rat turned out to be a baby possum that had just been let go by its mother and wasn't quite ready to be alone. The... Continue Reading →

Guerilla Gardeners Give Birth!

  This morning upon returning to the pad after rescuing a neighbors escaped cat, a new baby plant was discovered after it sprung its way through the compost filled earth encasing it. Welcome to Guerilla Gardeners funny little plant. We are here to help plants like you thrive in nature so you can help us... Continue Reading →

Planting an Urban Curbside Garden

As reported in the LA Times article below, 'contrary to popular belief, officials say, the city does not own the parking strip (more on this later). Most cities do regulate trees on the strip and maintain them as staffing allows. In many cases, however, any landscaping beyond those trees -- be it grass, flowers or... Continue Reading →

Quality Gardens Begin with Happy Soil

You want to get a better return on your gardens yield? Healthy soil, proper watering and sunlight will be the keys. Compost is easy to create and will give your soil the benefit of nutrients it can use to help your garden thrive. Soil filters pollution from the rainwater and also adds nutrients to your... Continue Reading →

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