Hello, halo, hola, ia orana, shaka and welcome to Guerilla Gardeners So Cal –

Thank you for being concerned enough to check out our site. Our aim is to raise social awareness towards recycling, gardening and simple life changes that make a difference in the world around us. We are part teachers, part students, part trash pickers, part nursery, part plant rescue, part gardening company, part recycling company, part thrift shop and part pro-activist co-operation of educated citizens rebelling against senseless waste while concerning ourselves with the world around us.

If you have land to use for composting, want to ask a question, get tired of seeing fast food piles of trash some idiot put outside their car door because they were too lazy to find a trash can, tired of seeing pet owners who feel great about pet rescues but leave their animals in a crate all day and then are too lazy to clean up after them on their quick outdoor walks, or if you see things we can put where they belong like recycled goods, are tired of seeing homeless people crap in your alley, all or none of these, then this site is for you!

Whether you “are mad as hell and can’t take it anymore” about waste mismanagement and want to realize change or have something to share or teach us then please feel free to follow, join or donate to our cause. We look forward to hearing from you. Be proud and keep up the naturally good work.

We hope to not only raise awareness but also share community programs and help bring our world closer together with each day.

Quality of life is something people can easily support. Be the change.



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