Urban Garden Tomato Rewards

  When it comes to questioning whether you should get a door ding in your car at Whole Paycheck for food to purchase an organic tomato or go to your garden and pluck a fresh home grown tomato from the plants you have carelessly nurtured, the Dude of Food says “Tomatoes are a great garden plant, grow your own.” 

17 greens

 Easily grown with decent exposure to sun, tomato plants will do what comes naturally, grow. They tend to be viney and need some attention when it comes to prompting their growth path as according to planned space, but are super manageable. 

 Once the plants get rooted they need some water, some space and some sun. Keep the vines and leaves of the plant off of the ground and trim the dead yellowing arms off as the plant grows. When the green things turn red, pluck ’em.  

  An important thing to remember is to pick the tomato at the main junction of vine, not where the stem meets the tomato. It confuses the plant if you just take the tomato and leave the stem feeding it.

17 tomatoes

 Once you have washed the yield you can slice them into pieces, add some apple cider vinegar, pepper, thyme, garlic, onion, cucumber, lettuce or whatever you like more and make yourself a tasty tomato salad.

 Apple cider vinegar is known to help fight cancer. 


Bon Appetit 




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