Hints to Planting an Edible Garden by Guerilla Gardeners

1. Put up a fence so kids don’t clip your plants profits.

2. Make and use compost from your garden to nourish the soil.

3. Ensure the soil drains or water exits. You don’t want your roots sitting in standing water.

If you want extra help with your garden planning, there is some great vegetable garden design software out there that you could use to your advantage.With this software you will be able to more easily choose the location for your garden and where to plant the different vegetables and so on.Remember that when it comes to the hobby of vegetable gardening, the more that you know the better off you are going to be, without a doubt.

4. For smaller carrots and potatoes, just plant the seeds closer.

Soil density helps control plant growth also.

Softer soil yields larger carrots and potatos.

5. Pair up your plants. For example – Tomatoes protect

asparagus from beetles and onions protect carrots

from flies, etc.

6. Trees always cool ground temps by making shade. Roots can

destroy so think ahead.

7. Raise your bed. Higher ground in raised beds keep you from

having to lean for one but also keeps your roots above the

pollution that be in the ground. Homemade compost will help

fill and give nutrients to the fill dirt.

8. Old leaves or grass clippings on the dirt above roots helps preserve moisture in the ground by creating a

layer from the suns hot and drying rays.

9. First time gardening? Try starting with these easy to grow items – tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, lemon

trees, onions, rosemary.backyard-vegetable-garden-ideas-beauty-garden-wallpapers-1600x1132


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