Guerilla Gardeners Have a Visitor

pooblius 2 pooblius1



Meet Pooblius. The other morning I heard a strange screeching sound emitting from the garden and decided after numerous repeats to go investigate.

What I thought was a rat turned out to be a baby possum that had just been let go by its mother and wasn’t quite ready to be alone. The little critter was dubbed Pooblius and his screeching stopped when I appeared and he kept trying to ride my foot.

A small box helped me hoist this little guy up onto the garden where he had wandered off of. His mother was seen walking away on the fence top and never looked back. Pooblius was left to forage in the garden and never did return to the box.

It’s not a for sure, but a young possum was seen yesterday in the garden at about the same time that Pooblius was discovered. This possum was growing nicely and hopefully it was Pooblius coming back to bless our garden with positive vibrations.


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