Urban Garden Tomato Rewards

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Gardens Are Like Digging For Happiness

Digging for Happiness: How Gardening Can Ease Depression by Maria Cannon  It’s no secret that spending time outdoors is good for the body and soul. However, working the soil may actually be good for the mind, as well. Studies have found that soil-specific bacteria triggers the brain’s production of serotonin , a powerful neurotransmitter that controls... Continue Reading →

GGs Meet Home Grown Gardens in LA

On sunday mornings in Ocean Park, Santa Monica a farmers market happens. This past Valentine's sunday a Guerilla Gardeners associate crossed paths with Azita and the fine folks of Home Grown Gardens of Venice. They know stuff about the LA urban garden network thing and offer your neighborhood another way to get involved with your... Continue Reading →

Guerilla Gardeners Have a Visitor

    Meet Pooblius. The other morning I heard a strange screeching sound emitting from the garden and decided after numerous repeats to go investigate. What I thought was a rat turned out to be a baby possum that had just been let go by its mother and wasn't quite ready to be alone. The... Continue Reading →

Guerilla Gardeners Give Birth!

  This morning upon returning to the pad after rescuing a neighbors escaped cat, a new baby plant was discovered after it sprung its way through the compost filled earth encasing it. Welcome to Guerilla Gardeners funny little plant. We are here to help plants like you thrive in nature so you can help us... Continue Reading →

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